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 ETERNA ECUT 2100 ELITE Launch Ceremony

On February 8, 2020, ETERNA held a new product launch ceremony in its Production Center for the newly developed ECUT 2100 automatic die-cutter.

Dr. Johnson Xie, Managing Director of ETERNA and Mr. Weiguo. Li, Chief Design Engineer of the project, along with 400+ ETERNA employees attended this historical event.

Dr. Johnson opened the ceremony by thanking R&D and production teams for their dedication to this project. “This is the largest flatbed die cutter we produce and it is also the largest die cutter designed by a Chinese team. We are very proud of our achievement and today shall set a milestone in our company history.” Dr. Johnson said.

ETERNA produced the first generation 2100 more than 10 years ago and the design team was also led by Mr. Li. During the ceremony, Mr. Li offered his design concept and new features it incorporated. “We listened to our customers over the years and this new design reflected many excellent ideas from our customers.”

Looking back to more than one year of development time, many employees have worked so hard and finally we have a product that we can be proud of. We will carry on our proud tradition and introduce more fantastic products to better serve our customers, stay tuned!

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