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ECUT 1450 SA

Corrugated Board:E/ B/C flute, thickness up to 4.5 mm 

Cardboard (solid):thickness ≥1 mm (subject to paper quality)

Max. Sheet Size:1450 mm × 1100 mm

Min. Sheet Size:650 mm × 450 mm

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-  Bottom wheel-type suction box, equipped with air blower and automatic damper, to make the air volume adjustable by frequency converter;

- Movable back gauge with up and down adjustable sheet supporting pate


- High strength die-cutting frame;

- High precision mobile platen and driver;

- Die-cutting station safety door plus electrical and mechanical safety system;

- Die chase positioning and automatic locking system, centerline system making the cutting die and stripping die centered quickly and precisely;

- Synthetic supporting plate positioning and safety locking system, cutting plate micro-adjustment system;

- Pneumatic clutch/break and safety control system;

- Motorized pressure adjustment system and indication of die cutting pressure by means of digital read out;

- Gripper bar and driving chain;

- Gripper bar chain guide rails are made of synthetic materials;

- High quality index unit and gears for gripper bars;

- Overloading protection torque limit system for gripper bars and chains


- Center line system for quick stripping die set up and change over, upper + lower frames;

- Fully open-type upper stripping frame, and front/back micro-adjustment system for upper stripping tools;

- Push button of gripper opening is added for easy taking out the production sample at stripping section


- Escalator delivery table with bracket support;

- Conveyor belt bundle delivery table can be prepared for future connection with breaker for automatic in line operation;

- Non-stop auxiliary delivery table;

- Batch delivery conveying control system;

- Electrical batch counter;

- Front jogger device;

Technical Specifications


Corrugated Board 

E/ B/C flute, thickness up to 4.5 mm 

Cardboard (solid)

thickness ≥1 mm (subject to paper quality)

Max. Sheet Size

1450 mm × 1100 mm

Min. Sheet Size

650 mm × 450 mm

Max. Cutting Pressure

400 Ton

Max. Cutting Size

1450 mm × 1080 mm

Inner Chase Size

1480 mm ×1106 mm

Cutting Plate Size

1472 mm × 1086 mm

Min. Gripper Waste

10 mm  (subject to working environment, sheet quality and operation skills, etc.)

Min. Gripper Margin


Cutting Rule Height

23.8mm or 23.6mm

Power System

Max. Mechanical Speed

5500 m/min

Total Power Requirement


Max. Air Requrement

0.7 m³/min


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