Automatic Folder Gluer

650/900/1100 TA Series Folder Gluer for Micro-corrugated & Cardboard Box

TA series folder gluer is suitable for micro-corrugated & cardboard box, solid board up to 800g/m2, corrugated up to E-Flute. The fundamental pattern includes straight line, double sides, crash-bottom lock, 4/6-corner. There are 4 different widths and 3 different versions.

  • C-2: 650/900/1100 mm

  • C-3: 650/900/1100 mm

  • C-6: 650/900/1100 mm

Feeder Section

  • Two feeder gates for standard box, and one assist feeder gate for odd and wider boxes.

  • Vibration system with supporting bars for efficiency and stable feeding.

  • Eight individually adjustable feed belts ensure easy set-up and smooth feeding.

  • Optional suction feeding system.

Gluing System

  • Standard lower glue pots, each left and right side.

  • Optional upper glue pots, each left and right side.

  • Optional electronic gluing sytem.

Lockbottom Section

  • Optional servo-drive back fold system.

  • User-friendly & stable bottom lock system easy for mounting.

Trombone Section

  • Box jam-up detector.

  • Batch counter as standard.

  • Pneumatic stopper at conveyor section to prevent glued box from fish tailing.

  • Stopper at Trombone section ensure box lead edge squaring.

  • Conveyor Compression Section

  • Pneumatic upper carrier is adjustable vertically to obtain perfect pressure on glued boxes.

  • Extra sponge belt for positive pressing at lower area of the box shingled delivery.

  • Ready to be in-line with J-packer (optional) to save manpower and increase package efficiency at high speed production.

General Specifications:

Max Belt Speed325m/min325m/min325m/min
Main Power15Kw22Kw22Kw
Overall Length12140 mm12740 mm12740 mm
Total Weight7000 kg(C3)7800 kg(C3)8000 kg(C3)
Technical SpecificationsTA 650TA 900TA 1100
Straightline Cartons   
 A mm(in)100-700(3.9-27.5)120-900(4.7-35.4)120-1100(4.7-43.3)
 B mm(in)55-800(2.2-31.5)55-900(2.2-35.4)55-900(2.2-35.4)
 C mm(in)55-340(2.2-13.4)55-440(2.2-17.3)55-540(2.2-21.2)
 D min mm(in)8(0.3)8(0.3)8(0.3)
Double Sides/Double Wall
 A max mm(in)160-500(6.3-19.7)175-650(6.9-25.6)175-710(6.9-28)
 B max mm(in)160-700(6.3-27.5)160-900(6.3-35.4)160-900(6.3-35.4)
 C max mm(in)30-100(1.2 -3.9)30-150(1.2-5.9)30-150(1.2-5.9)
 D max mm(in)85-830
Bottomlock Cartons   
 A mm(in)150-675(5.9-26.6)160-875(6.3-34.4)160-1075(6.3-42.3)
 B mm(in)120-800(4.7-31.5)150-900(5.9-35.4)150-900(5.9-35.4)
 C min. mm(in)40(1.57)47(1.85)47(1.85)
 D   min. mm(in)30(1.2)30(1.2)30(1.2)
 E min. mm(in)65(2.56)65(2.56)65(2.56)
 F   min. mm(in)28(1.1)28(1.1)28(1.1)
4-corner Collapsible Boxes   
 A mm(in)160-550(6.3-21.6)175-700(6.9-27.5)175-760(6.9-30)
 B mm(in)160-700(6.3-27.5)160-900(6.3-35.4)160-900(6.3-35.4)
 D mm(in)30-100(1.2 -3.9)30-150(1.2-5.9)30-150(1.2-5.9)
6-corner Collapsible Boxes   
 A mm(in)280-600(11.0-23.6)300-850(11.8-33.5)300-1050(11.8-41.3)
 B mm(in)160-700(6.3-27.5)160-900(6.3-35.4)160-900(6.3-35.4)
 D mm(in)30-100(1.2 -3.9)30-150(1.2-5.9)30-150(1.2-5.9)

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