Automatic Folding Carton Diecutting & Creasing Machines

BRAUSSE 1450SE Automatic Flatbed Diecutting & Creasing Machine with Stripping Station


  • Preloading device mounted at the front of the feeder

  • Non stop feeder with automatic pile lift

  • Suction head with several adjustment possibilities to handle different kind of materials

  • Two turbo blowers for positive separation of thin paper

  • Motorized side adjustment of pallet table

  • Pile adjustment during production

  • Electrical double sheet control

  • Fine air blast at lead edge for smooth thin paper transport

  • Sheet slow down device of feeder belts to assure accurate position of the sheet to the front lays

  • Synchronizing device to adjust the sheet positioning to the front lay by hand during production

  • Side lays on both sides adjustable for push and pull

  • Electronic side lay control

  • Four separate adjustable front lays with clock read out system. Operation outside of the machine

  • Two electronic front lay controls by means of Omron fibre optic sensors

  • Safety device for lowering of pallet carrier

Die cutting section

  • Indication of die cutting pressure by means of digital read out device

  • Cam driven gripper opener at diecutting section entrance

  • Pneumatic system for locking the die chase frame

  • Motorized pressure adjustment system

  • Torque limit safety clutch for main chain drive

  • Air Blowing device for stabilising thin paper after arriving the die section

Stripping section

  • Triple action movement of the upper and lower stripping tools

  • Movement of the upper chase can be switched on and off electrically

  • By means of remote control under the stripping device the upper chase can be moved up and down electrically to ensure a simple adjustment of the lower pins

  • The under stripping movement can be switched off mechanically


  • Automatic non-stop delivery with curtain. This curtain moves into the delivery to catch the stripped sheets during the exchange of the piles

  • Blowing device to press down the sheets by means of adjustable bars

  • Back and side joggers adjustable

  • Gripper edge removing system with transport belt to remove the gripper edge sideways to the drive side

  • Tape inserter with counter

  • Safety device on lowering of the steel plate

Maximum Paper Size:1450 x 1100 mm (57" x 43 -1/4")
Minimum Paper Size:700 x 500 mm (27-1/2" x 19 -3/4")
Maximum Cutting Size:1420 x 1080 mm (55-7/8" x 42 - 1/2")
Maximum Cutting Pressure:400 tons
Stock range : Cardboard0.2 - 2 mm (0.008" - 0.078")
Corrugated board:0.7 - 4.5mm (0.028" - 0.18")
Minimum Gripper Margin:10 mm
Gripper Bite Range:4.5 - 12mm
Inner Die Chase Size:1480 x 1106 mm (58- 1/4" x 43 - 1/2")
Cutting Plate Size:1472 x 1086 mm (59" x 42 - 1/4")
Maximum Mechanical Speed:5500 s/h
Variable Speed Main Motor:22 KW
Other Power Required:36 KW
Overall Length:9880 mm
Overall Width:5270 mm
Overall Height:2580 mm
Total Net Weight (approx.):28 tons

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