1620 Extra Series Automatic Diecutting & Creasing Mac

PE1620S(H)A-Extra Automatic diecutting & creasing machine with stripping station

FEEDER (Maxcut lead edge feeder)

  • New up graded, same as Maxcut lead edge feeder, more accurate and positive feeding

  • Rare jogger at feeder to prepare for the possible future in line operation with prefeeder (optional)

  • Pneumatic side push guide plates (left and right sides)

  • Left and right side guides, individually position adjustable and register side at choice per box layout

  • High vacuum blower with silencer and valving system


  • Crank and worm gear, toggle drive system for the lower platen

  • The mobile platen stroke is increased from 71mm to 95mm for handling corrugated board (especially AB Flute) smoother

  • Stationary high precision upper platen

  • Safety door and diechase safety locking system

  • High torque pneumatic clutch/break for positive clutch on and reliable breaking, and special air inlet system to control the air volume for smooth machine start and stop

  • Air cushion underneath the cutting plate for easy cutting plate in and out

  • Gear main drive

  • Overloading protection torque limit clutch

  • State-of-the-art 3 cam index gripper chain drive

  • Center line system compatible to Center Line II, makes the cutting die and stripping die centered quickly

  • 8 high quality precision alloy gripper bars, each with 12 special hardened grippers to ensure firm grab of the sheet at high speed

  • Sheet arrival and departure check photo sensor

  • Left and right front lay locking blocks, separating and synchronizing adjustment available

  • Chain guide rail use VL compound to improve abrasive resistance and seismic resistance

  • Self-diagnostic trouble display

  • Digital speed display

  • Automatic recycling lubrication system with oil pressure gauge and oil pressure switch

  • Automatic main gripper drive chain lubrication


  • Centerline system (compatible to Centerline II)

  • 400mm upper stripping frame raiser enhances the operation space, more operator friendly

  • Motorized upper frame suspending hoister

  • Lead edge waste removal system

  • Centerline system for quick stripping die set up


  • Escalator delivery fork with non-stop air cylinder for neat and positive delivery and conveyor belt delivery table to protect the sheets from scratches

  • Bundle delivery with pre-set counter requesting only one sheet interval in non-stop operation at 4500S/H production speed

  • The bundle delivery table can be prepared for future connection with breaker for in line operation (to be required at order)

  • Full stripping with/without lead edge waste stripping convertible by one button, no tool change, more operator friendly and safe operation

  • Spring loaded adjustable chain tension back buffering wheel to maintain the chain tension constant and smooth gripper bar movement

Maximum Sheet Size:1620x1200 mm
Minimum Sheet Size:650x450 mm
Maximum Cutting Size:1600x1180 mm
Maximum Mechanical Speed:5000 cycles/hour
Maximum Cutting Pressure:400 tons
Stock Range:E, B,C,A and AB flute corrugated board (1~8.5mm)
Minimum Gripper Margin:6-12 mm
Minimum Gripper Waste:12 mm
Cutting Rule Height:23.8 mm
Total Power Required:35 KW
Main Motor Power:22 KW
Electrical Power:380V, 50HZ, 3-phase
Air Pump Displacement:0.7m³/min
Mobile Lower Platen Adjusting Range:±1.5mm
Net Weight of Machine:32 tons
Gross Weight of Machine:39.5 tons
Machine Dimensions:9980(L)x5670(W)x2480(H)mm (incl. Catwalk)

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