Automatic Diecutting Production Line

The demand of automatic and intelligent equipment is increasing because of the high labor cost. Diecutting interlocking production line can reduce the labor intensity and labor force, improve production efficiency and optimize factory plan and therefore, work out a suitable solution for intelligent factory.

Different from other companies’ die-cutting production lines which are composed by equipment from various suppliers, ETERNA automatic die line produces equipment produced by ourselves to ensure the quality of service, the production of stable convergence between the devices, no compatibility problems.

> Pre-feeder

Eterna pre-feeders can operate completely in automatic. They are excellent equipment for avoiding the low labor operating efficiency, thus improving the production efficiency.

The unit is compact, easy to operate, cost-effective, widely applicable to bottom printing processing machines, including slotter, rotary die cutter (RDC), FFG production line or platen die cutter.

Eterna offers batch feeding type prefeeder and high speed prefeeder. Various options comply to personalized demand.

> Breaker

Eterna breakers adopt modular design, forming different straight types and 90° types. Breaker (Blank separator) is without hydraulic system that is driven by servo motor, presenting high performance and easy maintenance.

The bundle breaker is suitable for rotary and flat bed die cutters. Two formats: 1600 mm & 2100 mm. The maximum bactch thickness can be adjusted to 350 mm.

With human-oriented design idea, the touch screen operating program is more convenient and easy to operate. Breaker, used in-line with a Eterna die-cutter, can improve the efficiency and productivity.

> Palletizer

The semi-automatic palletizer is made of a steel structure placed in a pit. The palletizing system frees up operatives to pile up sheets and to reduce the labor intensity to lower or lift sheets.

A motor driven controlled pallet to release the operatives from raising up the pile. The maximum workable size is 1600x1600 mm.

> Pile Turner

This machine is an automatic pile turner (stack inverter) system for turning loads able to invert up side down the products filled in. It is convenient to remove the wood base, plate or tympan paper, thus be used in-line with bottom printing devices like carton folding and stitching.

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