• This bundle breaker is suitable to be fitted even on rotary or flat bed die cutters, and is available in two different sizes: 1600 mm & 2100 mm.

  • The machine separates nicks in between die cutted blanks in one direction only.

  • The separator is composed by two grippers one fixed and the other moving, the separation point is automatically positioned in between the two grippers, the moving one pull whilst the fixed is holding the other side of the batch, the movement is performed trough pneumatic pistons.

  • The transport of the batches is performed trough flat driven belts.

  • Typical flat bed die cutter application requires double sense separation, the machines needs therefore to be placed in corner or one after the other with a turning cross in the middle.

90 degrees corner rollers

  • The 90 corner unit is a driven conveyor made of rollers and rubber policord belts. The product coming from the bundle separator, stops in the middle of the device and the policord belts, elevates pneumatically and move out 90 degrees the batches. This unit is normally used between two breakers.

Plastic turning table

  • The rotation unit is a driven conveyor made of plastic “acetal” chains equipped with a turning platform normally hided in between the plastic chains.

  • The product coming from the bundle separator can simply pass through the device traveling on the plastic chains or can be rotated by 90 or 180 degrees.

  • In case of rotation the batches stop in the middle of the device and the platform elevates pneumatically, rotates and descent back in his original position.

  • After the rotation the product is again on the plastic chains and can move forward.



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