Intelligent Machine Comm to Energize IOTs Production ---Eternal “Magic Box”Smart Factory Open House 2018 has been completed successfully!

Intelligent Machine Comm to Energize IOTs Production ---Eternal “Magic Box”Smart Factory Open House 2018 has been completed successfully!


On October 23rd, Shanghai Eternal “Smart Factory” Open House 2018 officially kicked off! At the event, more than 400 guests from home and abroad gathered together to learn about Eternal “Magic Box Charm”.


This event exhibited Eternal products to the guests:

In addition to e-Line II, 1060ER and 1060E automatic die-cutting machine, Brausse900 & Brausse1100 automatic folder-gluer series, Shanghai Eternal also showed a new member of the product portfolio--- BRAUSSE 650 automatic folder gluer, 920FCi and 1060FCi automatic foil stamper.


Mr. Zhang Yaoquan, President of China Packaging Association, and Ms. Song Wenxian, Secretary General of Shanghai Packaging Technology Association also attended the Eternal Open House and delivered speeches.

Dr. Johnson Xie, managing director of Shanghai Eternal Machinery Co., Ltd. delivered a welcome speech, stating that Eternal, as a member of Bobst Group, will continue to inject the Swiss spirit into the company culture, and create more value for customers with quality products.


At the event, guests and friends gathered together. Besides the wonderful speech brought by Dr. Xiao Weirong--- President of B&R Industrial Automation (Greater China ) Co., Ltd., Eternal also shared well-prepared technical lectures with the guests.

In the machine demonstration and the factory tour, the engineers meticulously showed the customers the craftsman spirit to pursue excellent products.

The on-site signing is welcomed warmly. To grow together with customers and achieve win-win cooperation has always been the goal of Eternal people.

The gala dinner has also provided customers with a visual feast


Shanghai Eternal looks forward to meeting you next time! We will march forward along with you to create the future!


Machines in Display


Based on the Group technology and Shanghai Eternal manufacturing advantages, the automatic e-LINE II with high quality and reasonable price has been launched according to the actual needs of the domestic packaging industry. It includes e-LOAD, automatic flatbed die cutting machine PE1650SA-Elite II, e-BREAK, e-PAL, turning table, and transfer table, etc.


Automatic Foil Stamping Machines

There are also brand new foil stampers with Group design displayed at the Open House.

Original design of platform pressure keeping can extend the contact time of foil stamping, and strengthen the transfer of anodized aluminum. For example, the improvements can be found apparently on some products with large foil area, thin lines or texts. As for the anodized aluminum with relatively low transfer, the pressure-keeping can be used to improve the transfer, and achieve quality foil stamping.

The machine is equipped particularly with holographic foil stamping, which is widely used for brand protection and security marks on cigarette, alcohol, and daily chemicals packaging.



The automatic die-cutting and creasing machine with blanking and stripping device can achieve the one-stop automatic production of carton packaging with multiple functions and high efficiency. The machine with stripping and blanking will cost 20-30% time less than the manual one, which can enhance productivity and create more value.

The outstanding automatic die-cutting machine can meet strict requirements of customers.

Also, in order to decrease the labor cost, an APT (Automatic Pile Transfer System) is equipped with at feeder and delivery, which can integrate with factory logistics system to achieve automatic feeding and delivering. It is smart and precise, which can enhance the efficiency and reduce labor.


1060E automatic flatbed die-cutting machine is newly innovated by Shanghai Eternal. Its feeder is precise, stable, and reliable. The synthetic supporting plate with micro adjustment for quick set up and make ready. The central locking system is for quick set up and easier adjustment. It also has the funnel-shaped gripper edge removal system.


BRAUSSE 650--- The innovative automatic folder gluer

The Brausse series folder gluer adopts V-type transfer belt, which not only ensure the belt quality and reliability, but reduce the noise and improve working environment.

There are various configurations for straight line box, crash lock bottom box, 4/6 corner box, or other formats.

In terms of quality control, Brausse 650 has the interface for carton tracking devices, which can be matched with quality control devices of any brand.


Brausse 900 and Brausse 1100--- Automatic Folder Gluer

Brausse series folder gluer adopts more Group elements than the formers. The series are automatic folder gluers with multiple functions, which is operator-friendly, highly efficient for various boxes with high quality.

Modular design allows optional configurations in accordance with various products, convenient for installation and operation, which is more efficient for the production of irregular shaped boxes. Separate A/C motors with micro-adjustable variable speed controller are used at feeder, main machine, trombone section and delivery, which are synchronized with the main machine speed.

650/900/1100 folder gluers present three kinds of boxes with three formats of machines. They are flexible and efficient to meet various demands of customers for different boxes.


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