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How many stripping ways of die-cutter?
2020-4-9 20:48:50 Source Functional Film Industry
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Today, we would talk about several stripping.

The first one is the most common and lower cost. The waste removal by upper and lower thimbles and intermediate stripping plates is characterized by lower cost and reusable waste removal tools. However, it takes a long time to adjust it and not easy for job change over. which is more suitable for  medium and short term jobs. If job changed, it would preparaed a lot of thimbles and several sets of stripping frames need to be stored and adjusted in the site for future use. 

The second one is that the die supplier makes a complete set of upper and middle stripping plates, which cooperate with the lower thimble. the customized stripping model would took higher cost but fast adjustment, quick  job change over which is  suitable for long order products.

The third is dynamic stripping, also known as master striping, which can be translated into "master stripping". But due to higher cost it is not popular as above ones.It  is a excellent solution for the narrow and small special-shaped stripping, and could reduce the possibility of the plugging as well as quick job change over. 

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