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The importance of Floor Plan for Die-cutter machine
2020-6-16 14:28:21
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The floor plan of printing machine is very important for many printing factories, while floor plans of diecutting machine have not earned enough attentions. It’s not proper to set foundations of diecutters simply according to machine weight. Compared with printing machine , floor plans for diecutters are more demanding in the same installation condition.

As for printing machine, the sheets are transferred between wheels. The whole process requires a high level of horizontality. If the foundation is compact, the horizontality will not change after completion, and the printing quality and equipment reliability are guaranteed. As for flatbed diecutting machine, though the paper is also conveyed on a horizontal surface, it will have a huge load during operation, and act a reciprocating force on the ground. It is difficult to ensure the foundation level and load in a long term. When the machine is running at a certain frequency, the impact on the foundation and the whole machine is extremely serious. It is conceivable that if the machine is placed on an overhead steel plate, the steel plate will bend up and down to a certain extent when the machine is running. When the bending frequency of the steel plate reaches the resonance point, the consequences would be disastrous.

Before discussing the importance of die-cutting floor plan let's take a look at what kind of ground does not meet the requirements.

The common cases where the foundation does not meet the installation requirements are as follows: The thickness of the concrete is not qualified, the concrete label is too low or too high, the area is too small, the steel is not placed, or the foundation of die-cutting section is treated differently from that of the feeder and delivery sections.

In view of the above situations, the foundation fastness and horizontality will inevitably change. Then what kind of problems will happen to the equipment?

First of all, it will cause the unbalance of die-cutting pressure. The die-cutting pressure fluctuates greatly. The pressure of a certain angle changes nonlinearly, and the pressure-compensation effect cannot be achieved. The reason is that the support frame of the main platform is in a state like “hanging” due to the horizontal change. In addition to affecting the quality of the product, it will greatly increase the loss of the cutting die. At the same time, the load on the internal support frame of platform will be unbalanced over the years, which will cause damage to related components. For such a situation, it is more difficult and time-consuming to find problems or to follow up the part-replacement.

If no steel bars are placed in the foundation, or the number and specifications of the steel bars do not match due to different standards, the foundation of the diecutting station may sink or cracked, causing the feeder and the delivery sections are not on the same horizontal surface as the diecutting station. The high-speed running and the introduction to front lay could be unstable, which may affect the positioning accuracy at front lay during high-speed feeding.

Secondly, since the delivery section is not at the same horizontal surface as the diecutting platform, there will be displacement of the originally fixed position of wall plates and the diecutting platform. The horizontal position of the chain guide will change accordingly, and the chain guide loss will be caused. Hence the chain will be easy to be elongated. The noise of the equipment becomes loud, and the load on both sides of the chain will be uneven, resulting in unstable positioning and diecutting accuracy.

On the whole, due to the problems of the floor plan, the productivity of the equipment will not achieve the expectation, but with loud noise and poor precision. The equipment installed only for 2 years may run like an old machine.

Therefore, it is a priority to strictly follow the floor plan of the die-cutter manufacturer. For different installation environments, such as hilly areas, coastal or sea-reclamation areas, or equipment are not installed on the ground floor, in addition to the manufacturer's floor plan, please consult the local design institute to get a safe and reliable foundation solution!

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