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Questions on die-cutter
2020-4-9 21:09:26
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1)Q :What is die cutting, indentation processing?

      ADie cutting is a processing procedure that steel blades are used to form dies (or steel plates are used to carve die frames) and the printed products are rolled and cut into a single graphic product on the die cutting machine. 

2)Q :What is the process flow of die cutting and indentation?

      A: Bottom plate slotting - steel knife (line) side cutting, molding - row (inlay) knife (line) - stick (plug) rubber

3)Q :What are the characteristics of the steel plate used as the base plate material of the die-cutting indentation plate?

      A: Too thick steel plate is difficult to cut, and frame material is too expensive,  so steel frame is also used to make composite die-cutting plate, which means that the upper and lower layers would be 3mm thick steel plates, and the middle layer is 12mm thick wooden plate. The die-cutting plate is solid and durable even the cost is expensive, and the knife could be changed many times (up to 40 times). For the pattern job, because the tool can be changed for a long time (which is half price of die-cutting plate), the cost can be reduced, and the quality of die-cutting is good, which is worthing. ETERNA's die cutter are made of steel plates 

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